Abstract: AI and Deep Learning are becoming increasingly important to discussions around the Ethical use of Data in commercial and government applications. The presentation covers where The industry is heading with the technology and algorithms available. We discuss the balance between customer and vendor value, the use cases good and bad and the implications of “democratising AI” (my former CEO Satya Nadella’s phrase). We also take a realistic look at concepts around Surveillance Capitalism, the rise of the Grey Sheep and go on to explore areas where the current technology is maturing or still has some way to go.

Bio: I work as Lead Data Scientist for Oracle UK and Ireland. I have been involved in Machine Learning and advanced analysis since the late 1990’s and have worked on projects with organisations ranging from Amazon, Discovery Channel and Sky through to Sports Media companies like the Perform Group as well as Cern and the NHS. I am passionate about working with Data Scientists to explore the ethical uses of an immensely powerful and prescient set of technologies.