Summary: Efficient Route Optimisation, the Future of Parcel Delivery.

A recognised brand in the logistic sector, Royal Mail
is the market leader in delivering parcels to British homes. However,
in a context of increasing parcel traffic and growing expectations,
Royal Mail is always working to adjust its operations to improve
customer satisfaction. Route optimisation tools can therefore bring
substantial value by easing cost management and enhancing service
efficiency. In this talk, I will introduce the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) and
show how this NP-hard combinatorial problem, despite being
conceptually simple, is computationally difficult to solve.
One leading approach implements heuristics from Operational Research
and I will demonstrate how these can be used in an Agile Data Science
working environment to develop an interactive software.
While demonstrating this tool, I will show how the output of an
iterative process of cost minimisation allows us to build
parcel-sorting and delivery-ordering recommendations for an efficient
management of this service.