As machine learning workloads explode in complexity and size, new hardware and software is required to support next gen AI models for both training and inference. This talk will highlight the evolution of Machine Intelligence, why Graphcore invented the IPU and go into detail on the co-designed Poplar Software Stack – the world’s first graph tool chain. It will also summarise our performance benchmarks and how the IPU enables cutting-edge applications such as ResNext.

Growing up, Alex Titterton became interested primarily in mathematics, computers, coffee and old Italian cars, and moved south in order to undertake a master’s degree in mathematics and physics at the University of Bristol. In 2015 he started a PhD in particle physics, jointly appointed between the University of Bristol, University of Southampton and the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, and as part of this in 2017 moved to France to work at CERN. For 18 months he spent the weekdays searching for Supersymmetry and the weekends skiing and driving an old Alfa Romeo around scenic mountain roads. A thesis later, he finally finished his PhD in Bristol, and found a new home at Graphcore, working in the Product Support Engineering team, where he has been enjoying tackling new challenges for almost a year.