DataOps: Delivering Agile Data Science.

The majority of organisation fail to create business value from their investments in data. Most implementations are either high cost IT projects, local applications that are not built to scale for production workflows or laptop data insight projects that never impact customers. The key to adding value is to adapt and borrow principles from Agile, Lean and Dev Ops. However, Agile Data Science is not just about shipping working machine learning models, but starts with better alignment of data science with the rest of the organisation and its goals. This presentation will outline practical solutions to increasing the velocity of value creation including: prioritisation, new processes for an end-to-end data lifecycle, people and organisation changes to improve collaboration, tools and solution architectures to reduce data friction. This is a new approach to data science, DataOps, which can put analytics professionals in the centre of the company’s strategy, advancing its most important objectives.

Harvinder Atwal leads a team of Data Scientists to deliver data-driven personalisation; develop the Data Strategy to support Advanced Analytics and define Data Science best practise in MoneySuperMarket. is the UK’s most visited Price Comparison Website and has one of the largest customer databases in the UK with records for 23 million unique individuals. Harvinder was previously Insight Director for Tesco Clubcard at Dunnhumby and Senior Manager for Customer Strategy and Insights at Lloyds Banking Group. He is passionately interested in Data Science, Machine Learning, Big Data technologies and how they can be used to improve Customer Experience.