Our 3rd Data Science Festival Bristol is live! – in partnership with OVO Energy https://www.ovoenergy.com/about-  join us this month for 2 great presentations.


The world today has been transformed by technology, and I’m sure will continue to be so – but we haven’t always got technology right, and sometimes the impact of technology has created far-reaching societal and ethical challenges. I also help tech entrepreneurs get their products to customers – and helping them see their clients for what they are: people who want to solve problems, and do so in a fair and responsible way. It might surprise you to learn that I’m one of the few people in the tech industry who doesn’t have a tech background. I see this as my advantage. I’ve got an MA in Law from the University of Cambridge and am an avid reader on history, philosophy, and economics. I see myself fitting between the tech world and the rest of us. I help clients get the best from technology, at the same time as developing a strong ethical framework for doing so in order to have a positive impact on society.