Speakers: Scott Charlesworth, Saudamini Sonalker and Kareem Rodgers.

Talk Title: Fashionista’s Dream – Using Computer Vision to gain an edge.

Talk Summary: This session will show how to use Python to scrape millions of fashion images online, a pre-trained GPU enabled image classification model to compare images and how these results can be served to a dynamic web app; all hosted in the cloud. We will also explain how these techniques have been successfully deployed at scale at a luxury retailer.

Bio: Scott is one of those infamous Data Science Unicorns, working across the whole pipeline from data acquisition & cleaning to model visualisation & deployment and all the sexy modelling in between. Contact Scott on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/docscottc…

Bio: Saudamini is a Data Science Consultant, loves solving problems using machine learning and has a keen interest in natural language processing.

Bio: Kareem is a Machine Learning enthusiast with a particular interest in supervised and unsupervised deep learning methodologies.