Sophie Sparkes

Workshop Abstract: Humans are visual creatures. Visualising data makes it easier for us to explore it, find insights, and helps people understand those insights to make decisions. In this hands-on workshop learn how to to visually analyse your data to find insights, then quickly turn those insights engaging and compelling, interactive data visualisations. No programming required. You will learn how to connect to files, clean and analyse data, create charts, make them interactive, and publish them on your site.

Pre-requisites: Bring your own laptop. Please install the free software Tableau Public ( before the class and create a free Tableau Public profile (click on the ‘sign in’ button and create a new profile).

Talk Abstract: Make your data visualisations memorable. A picture may say a thousand words, but a good chart is only better than a block of text if your audience can remember it. In our information-saturated world our attention is at a premium. In this talk, Sophie looks into the science behind what makes a visualisation memorable, and how you can use these findings in your work. Start making your visualisations both eye-catching and memorable.

Bio: Sophie loves making data accessible. She managed the Tableau Public team where she helped journalists, non-profits and educators visualise their data to tell insightful stories. She has a background in analytics and government.