Rosaria Silipo


Talk Abstract: Hi! My name is Emil and I am a Teacher Bot. I was built to answer your early questions on how to use KNIME. Pardon! I was built to point you to the right training material to help you answer your early questions on how to use KNIME. It was not so hard to build me. After all, you just needed a user interface – possibly web or speech based – for you to ask your question; a text parser for me to understand your question; a brain to find the right training material to answer your question; a user interface to provide the answer back; a nice to have – but not necessary – feedback option, on whether my answer was of any help. The most complex part was, of course, my brain. Indeed, the definition of the training problem, the creation of a labelled data set, the building of a class ontology were not minor details in the whole project. Let’s just say that my brain works in sub-optimal conditions. While I am eager to learn, the lack of labelled datasets forces me to rely, at least partially, on human teaching via active learning.

Bio: Rosaria Silipo has been mining data, big and small, since her master degree in 1992. She kept mining data throughout all her doctoral program, her postdoctoral program, and most of her following job positions. So many years of experience and passion for data analytics, data visualization, data manipulation, reporting, business intelligence, and KNIME tools, naturally led her to become a principal data scientist and an evangelist for data science at KNIME.