Rob Blanford


Bio: Rob Blanford is a Senior Consultant and Data Scientist, a member of the UK&I Analytics team at Atos. Taking an unusual path into Data Science, he graduated from Durham University with a degree in Psychology and Philosophy, gained experience in industry before completing an MBA at Cranfield University. Now he works across industries with Atos, using KNIME, R and Python to improve people’s access to data, improve the quality of information and create analyses to support expert decisions.

Monday July 8th , 2019
6:00 pm-
9:00 pm
Join Data Science Festival - London in partnership with KNIME. July 8th, for an evening of Guided Analytics to develop predictive models on the fly. leveraging automated machine learning and interactive dashboard components, custom Guided Analytics Applications, tailored to your business needs. Due to the popularity of Data Science Festival events,…