Orestis Chrysafis


Senior Data Science manager with extensive exposure to the financial
services, technology and marketing sectors for organisations that
include HSBC, the FCA and Omnicom Media Group.

I design & develop mathematical, geometric and stochastic models of
discovery and prediction on terrabyte-level datasets and then watch
them improve our world byte by byte during their production

I try to inspire young people to do so too. I take a particular
interest in the complexity of human behaviour and interactions, as
well as the social and professional conditions that allow cutting-edge
innovative teams to germinate and flourish.

I hold a PhD & BSc in Mathematics and a MSc in Statistics.

Tuesday June 30th , 2020
6:00 pm-
7:30 pm
Join us virtually for an interactive panel talk featuring leaders in data science. The panel will discuss how to maximise the performance of a data science team at both an individual and team level. We will hear four lightning talks from our speakers followed by the panel and chance to…