Michelle Trann

Priori Data

Michelle Tran, Head of Data Science at Priori Data

Bio: Michelle leads the data science team at Priori Data, a SaaS platform provider of mobile app market data across keywords, apps, markets, usage and audience. As part of the founding team, Michelle helped build Priori’s in-house data science capabilities from the ground up. Prior to joining Priori, Michelle spent several years working as an economic research analyst in the SF Bay Area.

Tuesday November 13th , 2018
6:30 pm-
9:00 pm
November 13th 2018. Real-time versus Batch Processing, Big Data versus Small Data: How two very different startups approached solving two very different ML use cases. It’s a tale of two start-ups delivering two very different data products: one working with small data to deliver real-time predictions, the other dealing in…