Katherine Chinn


Kat has been working for SAS for over a 5 years as an analytics consultant, based originally in the UK and joined the Irish team back in October 2017. In her 5 years at SAS Kat has gained experience building analytical solutions to solve business problems for retail, finance, commercial and public sector organisations. In her current role Kat supports both the UK and Irish sales team providing analytical and statistical expertise to our customers. Kat graduated with an Msc in Pure Mathematics in 2013

Tuesday October 30th , 2018
6:00 pm-
9:00 pm
October 30th 2018. Join us this month for an evening of computer vision. During the talks we'll cover the ability to apply image processing techniques, build deep learning models and deploy this insight in-batch, in-stream or at-the-edge and how this is enabling businesses to drive new insight from unstructured image…