Florian Bonnet

Hello Fresh

Florian Bonnet is Director Product for HelloFresh. He joined the company in May 2016 to be the Head of CRM before taking his current position at the end of 2017. Florian obtained a PhD in Theoretical Physics from Université Paris-Sud 11 & Universidad Autónoma Madrid. After 3 years of post-doctorate in Italy and Germany he left the Academic world to be a consultant for The Boston Consulting Group in Paris for 2 years. Before joining HelloFresh he was in charge of Customer Intelligence at Jumia, leader of e-commerce in Africa

Tuesday September 11th , 2018
6:00 pm-
9:00 pm
Join Data Science Festival - Berlin in partnership with HelloFresh in September for three great speakers, Helio Pais, Florian Bonnet and Rocco De Rosa. Note: Please use your full real names when signing up, otherwise you will not be able to gain access to the venue. People registered with only…