Eoin Murphy

Riot Games

Talk Abstract: Is Europe aging? An exploration of population dynamics and how and aging Europe may result in large disruption for multiple different industries.The future of a country’s population can be highly accurately modelled using only a few simple to understand factors. Despite the relative simplicity of these models, they provide us with a fascinating insight into the future of Europe. In this talk I’ll build a simple population model and demonstrate how it can be applied to countries across Europe. I’ll also discuss the disruption which may occur throughout multiple industries across Europe due to an aging population .

Bio: Dr. Eoin Murphy completed a PhD. in Astrophysics in UCC before joining AIB as a data scientist. He eventually led the AIB Research & Innovation team where he explored how technology and a changing Europe would impact the Irish banking sector. However, after realizing that banking was boring, he left AIB to join the far more exciting Riot Games EU Insights team where he currently explores Riot’s data ecosystem and helps different teams across Europe make more data informed decisions.

Tuesday May 14th , 2019
6:00 pm-
9:00 pm
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