Ed Klinger and Courtenay Mansel


Talk Abstract: Real-time data for real-time insurance: a flying robot case study with Flock. Flock is a London based ‘insurtech’ startup bringing drone insurance into the 21st century. Flock aggregates and analyses geospatial data in real time to identify, assess, and quantify the risk of a drone flight at the point of take-off. Flock now insures hundreds of drone pilots for up to £10M liability on a per-flight basis. In this talk, Flock’s CEO (Ed Leon Klinger) and Data Scientist (Courtenay Mansel) will give an overview of Flock’s technology, business plans, and lofty ambitions.

Bio: Ed Leon Klinger studied engineering at Oxford, and went on to do a Masters in Technology Policy at Cambridge where he focused on autonomous vehicles, AI, and drones.

Bio: Courtenay Mansel studied engineering at Oxford, with an emphasis on computational modelling and algorithm design.

Level of talk:  We will aim to make this talk ‘approachable’ by anyone, but there will be elements (of Courtenay’s section) that will likely require a basic understanding of mathematics or engineering principles. 


Tuesday September 25th , 2018
6:00 am-
9:00 am
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