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Dr Matt Crooks


Bio:  Matt Crooks is a Data Scientist in the Central Insights team. He has a PhD in mathematics in which he attempted to model and predict earthquakes. After completing this PhD, he took up a postdoctoral research position at the University of Manchester as a Climate Scientist for the European Commission.  His work involved using data collected from laboratory experiments and field campaigns to develop mathematical models to improve the representation of clouds in weather and climate models. During this time he worked closely with the Met Office and has seen some of his work encapsulated into their forecasting models, although he accepts no responsibility for incorrect weather forecasts! Upon leaving academia at the end of 2017, Matt joined the BBC as a Data Scientist, where he has been helping product teams in CBBC and Bitesize to understand their audience and improve the user journey on the websites.

Tuesday July 16th , 2019
6:00 pm-
9:00 pm
Join the Data Science Festival Manchester in partnership with the BBC for 4 epic talks this July. From Predicting School Holidays Using Video Streaming Data to adapting to cope with our data science teams 300% growth, all the way to Learning from archives: how historical content can be used to…