Colin Gillespie

Jumping Rivers Ltd

Workshop Abstract: The tidyverse is essential for any statistician or data scientist who deals with data on a day-to-day basis. By focusing on small key tasks, the tidyverse suite of packages removes the pain of data manipulation. In this tutorial, we’ll cover some of the core features of the tidyverse, such as dplyr (the workhorse of the tidyverse), string manipulation, linking directly to databases and the concept of tidy data.

Bio: Colin Gillespie is the Lead consultant at Jumping Rivers and Senior Lecturer (Associate professor) at Newcastle University, UK. He has been running R courses for over eight years at a variety of levels, ranging from beginners to advanced programming. He is co-author of the recent book: Efficient R programming.


Participants should install the latest version of R and RStudio. Please also install the R packages: tidyverse, drat, okcupiddata