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The Data Science Festival has run it’s free to attend monthly Meetups and annual Festival in London for 4 years. The grassroots community has grown and has connected thousands of people with the help of our team, dedication to free education and hard work. We want to open up the DSF world to our community to make the next step in our DSF evolution. We want to hear your voice, we want to help you foster your leadership and build your community as a DSF Chapter Director in your city. Interested in expanding your network, making friends, being the go-to person for all things data in your city and above all inspiring and growing the Data Science community with epic content? Then we need you! We are looking for the next DSF Global Chapter Directors to run monthly or bi-monthly Meetups in their local city.

Supported by the DSF Events team and with the opportunity to grow the chapter featuring speakers chosen by you what’s not to love. Educate the community and inspire them with ideas. Connect people to create lasting friendship and business connections. Promote your company and yourself as a leader and partner with us today. Fill out our application below and we will be in touch to give you more details, send you the full welcome pack and also to find why you want to be a thought leader in your local community!

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Jessica Willis

London and Bangalore Chapter Director

Jess is the co-founder of the Data Science Festival and has been the London Chapter Director for over 5 years. She heads up the events team and speaker selection for all of the DSF Events and has expanded the DSF Network to over 30,000 Data Junkies. She is already prepping for the next conference as well as making sure the free monthly London events offer great content to our growing community. In 2019 she launched DSF Bangalore Chapter is is starting to grow that community and build a speaker network.

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Adam Tomlin

Manchester Chapter Director

Adam has grown the community in Manchester from its launch in 2018. He works for Data Idols specialising in recruitment for Data Science. He joined the Data Science Festival to become a chapter director and has not stopped since. Hosting over 12 events with fantastic speakers the community has now tripled in size. Plans are underway for future events.

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Amy Allum

Lagos Chapter Director

Amy joined the DSF team in 2018 as the Lagos Chapter Director. She has a background in running tech events and  has been working with the on site conferences with the DSF for over two years. Her aim is to keep up the monthly events and offer even more panels and interviews to inspire the community and help aspiring Data Scientists network and get into the DS field.

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Alessandro Rizzo

Leeds Chapter Director

Originally from Italy, Alessandro moved to the UK in 2015 to pursue a Master in Epistemology, Mind and Language at St.Andrews. After that, more by chance than by design, Alessandro got a job as a Data Developer for a consultancy in the north of England and he fell in love with data. Since then he moved to Direct Line Group in Leeds as Technical Data Analyst and started studying part-time towards an MSc in Data Analytics at the University of Glasgow. Alessandro spends his time browsing articles on Medium and keeping up with the latest trends in data science.

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Soledad Galli

Berlin Chapter Director

Sole is a Lead Data Scientist with 2+ years of experience in data science and analytics in finance and insurance, and 10+ years of experience in scientific research in academia. She is passionate about extracting meaningful information from data and supporting organisations make solid and reliable data driven decisions.Sole has researched, developed and put in production machine learning models to assess credit risk, to prevent fraud and to improve the insurance claims journey. Having transitioned from academia to data science, Sole is passionate about enabling and facilitating data scientists and academics transition into the field, and helping data scientists increase their breath of knowledge. She also created 3 online courses on machine learning which are live in Udemy, enrolled 8000+ students worldwide, and received 500+ positive reviews. Sole is passionate about helping the data science community, this is why she is keen to bring the data science festival to Berlin, her new home, and support the local community learn more about data science and from each other and share new initiatives and trends.

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Eric Thwaite

Oxford Chapter Director

Eric is heading up the Oxford data science festivals and has been working in the data space for over 20 years. He has a huge following of over 5,000 data professionals and is well known across this space. Eric is tasked with building the speaker selection for the Oxford DSF and growing the Data Idols’ client base across Europe as a whole.

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Fergus Weldon

Bristol Chapter Director

Fergus is Director of Data Science at Trainline, where he and his team of scientists and engineers use Big Data to make sense of the European train network, creating time and money-saving solutions for customers every day. He has over 14 years of industry experience across a broad range of sectors. Previous roles were with companies such as Dunnhumby, Tesco and Nielsen. Fergus has a passion for the real world applications of Data Science and the leadership of teams in building these applications.

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Amin Jamalzadeh

Cambridge Chapter Director

Amin works as a senior data science manager at (started as a Research data scientist in 2015) where he leads an analytic team to build scalable analytic data-driven solutions in order to drive performance and improve the profitability of online advertising channels. Amin has put his focus on e-commerce problems since his PhD at Durham University utilising advanced quantitative
methods based on clickstream data. In the past six years, he has developed an award-winning analytic engine using predictive models and algorithmic optimisation routines for paid search advertising media such as Google and Bing. His main interest recently is in high-performance computing machine learning methods with the goal of extracting meaningful and actionable insight from big data and creating analytic engines.

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Pablo Jeremias Celis

DUBLIN Chapter Director

Originally from Argentina, Pablo moved to Ireland 10 years ago and since then has been developing his career in the area of Data Analytics. In college, Pablo gained experience doing research in the Labor markets of Argentina. He worked as a member of an Analytics team in the area of Human resources, developing statistical models in the Telco Industry. Later he worked as Data Analyst in the Insurance industry and currently, he is working in the Fintech Arena in the implementation of a Business intelligence platform. Pablo holds a Bachelors’s degree in Economics, a Post Grad in Finance and a Higher Diploma in Fintech. Pablo is a regular member of many data Science Meetups and conferences in Dublin and London.

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David Loughlan

new york Chapter Director

 David is the founder of Data Idols and the Data Science Festival. He has spent years as a contract database administrator, delivering projects for some of the UK’s leading companies. During his time as a contractor, much of his work was sourced through recruitment agencies, it was a painful process. He could never shake the feeling that things could be better, that adding IT knowledge to the recruitment process would lead to a hiring Utopia.  At Data Idols, he now uses his unique background across hands on tech and hiring, to help organisations apply Data Engineering and Data Science techniques to improve the delivery of data projects, through consulting, recruitment, training and events.

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Courtney Churchill 

Melbourne Chapter Director

Courtney has recently joined DSF as the Melbourne chapter director. She has been working in recruitment for over 2 years now and works at the DSF sister company Data Idols specialising in bespoke data science and engineering recruitment. She is building out an engaged audience from scratch but is up for the challenge. Tying all the threads of data recruitment, live and virtual events together she hopes to create a thriving community with thought provoking speakers to connect companies and candidates together. 

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