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1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

DSF Lunch & Learn – The Science of Knowledge Integrity – Research at Wikimedia

1:00 pm-
2:00 pm
July 23rd , 2020, Thursday

Please join us for Session #9 in our Webinar Series. In this talk, we will explore The Science of Knowledge Integrity – Research at Wikimedia. Every Thursday join DSF to hear from one of our weekly featured speakers.

Join us virtually this week in partnership with Miriam Redi, Research Scientist at Wikimedia Foundation.

We aim to share, inspire & bring the data community together to build your industry network & have some exciting interactions with your fellow peers.

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Registering here guarantees you a ticket for the Data Science Festival Event with Miriam on July 23rd 2020. Once registered you will be sent your Zoom Link via email.

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Intro with David Loughlan – Founder of DSF and Data Idols

Miriam Redi – Research Scientist at Wikimedia Foundation.

Talk Title: The Science of Knowledge Integrity – Research at Wikimedia

Talk Summary: Wikipedia is one of the most visited sites on the Web and a common source of information for many users. As an encyclopedia, Wikipedia is not a source of original information, but was conceived as a gateway to secondary sources: according to Wikipedia’s guidelines, to ensure knowledge integrity facts must be backed up by reliable sources that reflect the full spectrum of views on the topic. Although citations lie at the very heart of Wikipedia, little is known about how users interact with them, how contributors use them, and the overall citation coverage. In this talk, we will see how machine learning can support knowledge integrity and help understand and monitor information quality in Wikimedia spaces.

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Miriam Redi
Wikimedia Foundation
Bio: Miriam Redi is a Research Scientist at the Wikimedia Foundation and Visiting Research Fellow at King's College London. Formerly, she worked as a Research Scientist at Yahoo Labs in Barcelona and Nokia Bell Labs in Cambridge. She received her PhD from EURECOM, Sophia Antipolis. She conducts research in social…