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1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

DSF Lunch & Learn – A Fashionista’s Dream – Using Computer Vision to gain an edge.

1:00 pm-
2:00 pm
August 6th , 2020, Thursday

Please join us for Session #11 in our Webinar Series. In this talk, we will explore A Fashionista’s Dream. Every Thursday join DSF to hear from one of our weekly featured speakers.

Join us virtually this week in partnership with Scott Charlesworth, Saudamini Sonalker and Kareem Rodgers from Capgemini Invent.

We aim to share, inspire & bring the data community together to build your industry network & have some exciting interactions with your fellow peers.

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Registering here guarantees you a ticket for the Data Science Festival Event with Capgemini Invent on August 6th 2020. Once registered you will be sent your Zoom Link via email.

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Intro with David Loughlan – Founder of DSF and Data Idols

Speakers: Scott Charlesworth, Saudamini Sonalker and Kareem Rodgers – Data Science Consultants from Capgemini Invent.

Talk Title: A Fashionista’s Dream

We will show how to build an end to end fashion image similarity model from scratch – using a variety of data science techniques.

This session will show how to use Python to scrape millions of fashion images online, a pre-trained GPU enabled image classification model to compare images and how these results can be served to a dynamic web app; all hosted in the cloud. We will also explain how these techniques have been successfully deployed at scale at a luxury retailer.

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Kareem Rodgers
Capgemini Invent
Kareem is a Machine Learning enthusiast with a particular interest in supervised and unsupervised deep learning methodologies.
Saudamini Sonalker
Capgemini Invest
Saudamini is a Data Science Consultant, loves solving problems using machine learning and has a keen interest in natural language processing.
Scott Charlesworth
Capgemini Invent
Scott is one of those infamous Data Science Unicorns, working across the whole pipeline from data acquisition & cleaning to model visualisation & deployment and all the sexy modelling in between. Contact Scott on LinkedIn