DSF Community,

If you didn’t already know, we have launched a month long series of free to attend events. From panels and author interviews to keynote speakers and workshop sessions you can now build your own unique event schedule throughout the whole of November.


We have dedicated to our oldest and main sponsor Data Idols, who we wouldn’t be able to run the DSF events without:

  • 2 x Career Fairs
  • 2 x Fridays
  • 2 x 4 hour talk slots 
  • 2 x Chances to show the community what Data Idols and their clients are all about.

Data Idols work with the UK’s leading data focused tech companies, who help organisations apply Data Engineering and Data Science techniques to improve the delivery of data projects, through consulting, recruitment, training and events.

Companies share their epic projects in tandem with a quick as lightning interview event. Looking for a new role? Look no further.

Here’s how the Career Fair works:

1 –  Showcase your company by speaking at the event.

2 – 20,000 relevant candidates from the DSF community are invited to attend your talk.

3 – Attendees are screened based on your vacancies.

4 – You will be allocated time during the event to interview your chosen candidates.

5 – Make a hire or hire your team in a day.

Sounds good right?

REGISTER HERE to attend the Career Fair.

If you think you or your company would benefit from getting involved please contact: david.loughlan@dataidols.com.