A new study has looked into the true cost of Christmas
on our planet, by calculating the facts and figures behind Santa Claus
and his Christmas Eve journey.

To determine how Santa Claus manages to make all of the toys and
deliver them to children on the nice list, Online Money Advisor has
researched the science behind Christmas, to bring you the expectations
versus reality.

Making the Toys

Long before the festive season even arrives, Santa and his elves are
busy in their workshop making all of the toys for children on the nice
list. If we consider that around 80% of the world’s children that
believe in Santa make it onto the nice list, then that’s roughly 549m
sacks of toys.

Making these presents alone would generate 68.1m metric tonnes of CO2
– we hope that Santa’s sleigh runs on renewable energy!

To add to that, Santa has around 144m pieces of coal to leave in the
naughty children’s sacks – perhaps we need to end this practice…

Powered by Magic

When it comes to delivering these presents, we can only hope that
Santa’s sleigh and reindeer are powered by magic or renewable energy,
as powering a transporter that could carry half a billion sacks is
sure to release even more CO2 into the atmosphere.

At a whopping 1,583 homes per second, we’re sure that Santa has a way.

Equally concerning is how much is spent on Christmas presents. If each
child received a sack worth £100, then the combined cost would be a
staggering £54 billion, which is roughly the same GDP as Luxembourg.

As some food for thought, it’s estimated that ending world hunger
would cost between $7-265 billion per year.

Watch the full video on Santa Claus expectations vs. reality here:

So, where does Santa keep all of the gifts before Christmas Eve?
Although we picture Santa’s grotto in a cute corner of Lapland, he
would actually need a space the size of 530 Heathrow Airports
(26,355,362.4m²) for every child’s sack.

A Healthier Christmas

We may also want to consider leaving out a healthier snack for Santa
on his travels, as it’s estimated that he consumes 52 billion calories
on Christmas Eve alone – that’s one mince pie and one glass of sherry
at each home.

This leaves him seriously over the drink-driving limit, at 182m units
of alcohol!

There are clearly many ways that we could help Santa make Christmas
more environmentally friendly – what are your ideas?

Online Money Advisor would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy Christmas.