A Month Long celebration of Data

Times are changing and this year we have shifted gears to create an even bigger and better Data Science Festival. A Month Long celebration of Data, free to attend throughout November 2020.


Transferring our one week festival and Mainstage Saturday to just being an online event fell flat with us. Our community is built on connection and celebration and let’s face it, sitting, starting at a screen for a 8 hour Zoom event just doesn’t cut it. Plus what a stressful 2020 it’s been. We all felt a little deflated, anxious and alone during this time so we wanted to offer some support and connection for a community we love.

So we went out and asked what the community wanted and needed at this challenging time. What we have created fills in the gaps that traditional online events leave gaping. Instead of just throwing it up online we have crafted a month long Festival full of different events for every level of data enthusiast.

This has been a hidden opportunity for us and we are thrilled it has gone down so well with out 20K community members. For the first time, people around the world can attend the Data Science Festival doubling the attendees for this year. People from every Continent have joined our now global meet-up groups and are actively using the platform weekly. People who are unable to attend due to childcare, disability or time crunch can now pick and choose their bespoke journey through the month of the Online DSF. BOOM lets do this!


Our pioneering month long, free community driven event will run the month of November. It will feature themed panel talks, interviews with top tech Authors, Lunch & Learn sessions, workshops and virtual social events. Attendees can pick and choose which events they want to attend and have unlimited access to the whole month for free.

Welcome to the new and improved DSF Online. The Great Indoors