We are thrilled to announce that one of our past speakers has a very good news story! Brittany recently spoke at our Data for Good month and inspired us all with her session and with Sādu. It’s wonderful to be able to see companies grow and stay in contact along their journey even in a tiny way.

Congratulations on your launch and helping to make our planet a greener, healthier place to be. Make sure you read the details below and take a look at their app. To all our aspiring company founders out there, you got this!

Sādu, an app that syncs with fitness trackers to reward an active lifestyle with trees, is launching on July 9th as an ESG employee engagement tool.

Los Angeles, California, USA and Berlin, Germany – July 9th 2021 18:00 CET

Today, Sādu, an app that unites personal well-being with the health of the ecosystem by rewarding an active lifestyle with trees, launched on both the Google Play and Apple app stores. Sādu was created in an effort to re-connect the individual with nature. As an app, Sādu is able to make a direct correlation between post workout endorphins and the feeling of investing into the future. The app is designed to reinforce the connection between self-care and an environmentally sustainable future by rewarding fitness activities with trees.

The app functions as a corporate environmental and social governance (ESG) tool to engage both companies and employees in creating a sustainable future that feels good. Companies of any size can start a Crew and challenge anywhere between 10–50 people to a 30-day competition to plant as many trees as possible.Crew organizers pay a flat amount to host the challenge. Contributions to Sādu sustainability partners are made in relation to the total number of calories burned by each Crew.Already, five companies have chosen to launch an employee engagement challenge, check out the app to see if your company made the list.

In order to ensure change occurs on both a personal and systemic level Sādu will integrate with other carbon management apps, giving users a better idea of personal environmental impact and how to reduce it. Soon, anyone will be able to tailor the number of trees earned according to personal goals. In addition to carbon management, Sādu will eventually give users the ability to choose between earning trees in nature-based solutions and investing into sustainability projects directly. Some of this functionality will be showcased later this year in collaboration with the Sovereign Nature Initiative, which selected Sādu as a winner of its 2021 hackathon.

Co-founders Brittany Salas and Elise Cannon, have a background in corporate venture capital, corporate innovation, data science and product development, respectively. The two founders met in Factory Berlin’s Stealth Mode program. They then decided to tackle climate change with a data driven mobile solution that gives both companies and individuals the opportunity to create a sustainable future.

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Brittany Salas, Co-founder & CEO, brittany@sadu.io