We are thrilled to be giving away our signature free DSF bags this year. They will be given out to everyone who attends our sponsor sessions.

Any relevant session will be flagged with a Giveaway Icon. They are a Green Rosette and located in the top right hand corner of any featured talk.

You can view the schedule here. 

Please add this talk to your schedule. Watch the event live for the full duration of the session. You will then automatically be sent your bag if you have provided your address.

How do I get my bag?

You have already left your address when you registered for your ticket. This is where we will post your bag after the event has taken place.

You must watch your selected session live and for the full duration of the talk to get this bag.

If you have stumbled across this page on our site and have not registered for a ticket yet please click below.

Register for a ticket.

Whats in the bag?

– DSF 2020 Bag

– Notebook and Pen

– 2020 Stickers (The Great Indoors)

– Bottle Opener Keyring

– Drink Coaster

T and C’s

All participants must be 18 years of age or older and be legally residing in the UK.

One bag per attendee.

Bags will only be sent to UK addresses.

You will need to add a featured talk to your schedule and watch the event live for the full duration to qualify for your free bag.

Bags will be sent to the address you have provided at registration.

There is no entry fee or purchase necessary.

There is no cash alternative.

Applying to more that one featured session still only qualifies you for one bag.

No responsibility can be accepted for bags not received for whatever reason.