Real-time data for real-time insurance: a flying robot case study with Flock.

Flock is a London based ‘insurtech’ startup bringing drone insurance into the 21st century. Flock aggregates and analyses geospatial data in real time to identify, assess, and quantify the risk of a drone flight at the point of take-off. Flock now insures hundreds of drone pilots for up to £10M liability on a per-flight basis. In this talk, Flock’s CEO (Ed Leon Klinger) and Data Scientist (Courtenay Mansel) will give an overview of Flock’s technology, business plans, and lofty ambitions.

Ed Leon Klinger studied engineering at Oxford, and went on to do a Masters in Technology Policy at Cambridge where he focused on autonomous vehicles, AI, and drones.

Courtenay Mansel studied engineering at Oxford, with an emphasis on computational modelling and algorithm design.